Compact Neck Pillow w/ Snap & Go- Floral

Artist: Bucky, Inc.
Model: Y/IMP-T970MWF
Style: IMP-T970MWF
Price: $28.00
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This compact travel pillow is made with thermo-sensitive millet hulls that provide memory foam-like support without chemicals or pollution. Use for neck support or for a better night's sleep anywhere you like. It's a secret of sleeping well when traveling. Adjust the Minnie under your chin to keep your head from falling forward. Adjust the size by removing or adding filling from the zippered pillow liner. This pillow relieves pressure and reduces tiredness as it greatly improves the quality of sleep.

  • U-shaped pillow measures 11.5in by 7.5in and is 3in thick.
  • Comes with special snap closure that allows easy attachment to luggage or purse.
  • Includes removable, washable cover

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