Eco-Throw: Birifini {Mali}

Artist: See Kai Run
Model: S122
Style: S122
Price: $175.00
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Travel inspired eco-throws designed in Portland, Oregan, and made in the U.S.A.

The Birifini Throw pays homage to mud cloth (or bogolanfini), a handmade Malian cotton fabric dating back to the 12th century made from woven cloth strips that are sewn together and then painstakingly dyed with fermented mud. Each piece of mud cloth tells a story through the symbols it displays. Birifini is the Bambaran (spoken in Mali) word for blanket. If you're in love with mud cloth as much as we are, we hope you'll enjoy our celebration of this simple yet versatile design.

  • 75% recycled cotton/25% recycled polyester
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry low/delicate
  • Designed in Portland, OR
  • Made in USA
  • 50″ × 60″

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