Squishable- Husky

Artist: Squishable.com
Model: X/832719
Style: 832719
Price: $44.00
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Today's arctic commuter has her pick of transport options to make her way across the icy tundra. And yet, time and time again she still returns to this furry sled-schlepper over less cuddly options. Why? Because no pile of metal and rubber will snuggle with you through the cold Alaskan night! No gas-powered conveyance will stand up on its hind legs for a treat! In fact, most snowmobiles have neither hind legs nor a waggly tail! Why would anyone ever travel by anything else? Beats me! Ditch the machines and hug a Husky!

  • 15 squishy inches of I'm feelin' lucky, polyester fiber, ages 3 and up!

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