Can You Keep a Straight Face?

Artist: W. W. Norton
Model: X/9780500650912
Style: 9780500650912
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Can you keep a straight face? Straight eyebrows? Straight lips? A straight… nose? These pages are packed with interactive tabs that allow children to pull funny faces with impunity.

Translated from the French, Ça va pas la tête?

Élisa Géhin is a children's book illustrator.

Bernard Duisit is a renowned paper engineer who has worked on dozens of pop-up and interactive books, including What's Up?, This or That?, and Can You Keep a Straight Face?.

  • Cardstock
  • By Élisa Géhin & Bernard Duisit
  • Full color illustrations
  • Pop-up book
  • 16pp
  • 6″ × 7″

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