Poo-Pourri Mini Spray: Trap a Crap

Artist: Poo-Pourri
Model: Y/TRAP-4MLx12
Style: TRAP-4ML
Price: $6.50
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Spritz the bowl before you go, and no one will ever know!® When spritzed into the toilet bowl before-you-go, Poo∼Pourri's pure blend of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS creates a film on the surface of the water. The protective barrier traps odor under the surface, before it ever begins! All you'll smell is a refreshing bouquet of NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS. Flush yeah!

It's Poo hunting season, and you don-t miss. Poo∼Pourri Trap-A-Crap is a pure blend of cedarwood and citrus natural essential oils that eliminates bathroom odor before it begins by creating a barrier on the water's surface. Abra-crap-dabra!

  • 4.0mL
  • Up to 10 uses

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